Ayurveda Consultation Tools provides stationary for Ayurvedic consultations. The intention behind these products is to assist practitioners in their role as Ayurvedic educators. Alex Duncan (author of materials) recognises the need for these support tools and as such has dedicated time and energy towards their creation.


Alex Duncan, is a British Ayurvedic consultant and educator. He lives in France where he co-directs Gardoussel Retreat (www.gardoussel.com) and Ayurveda Source, a school of practical Ayurveda (www.ayurvedasource.fr).

As well as his passion for holistic wellbeing, Alex also has a soft spot for engineering and the arts. He holds a Ph.D. in Electronics with Music, and from an early age, shows a love for music and graphics.


Ayurveda Consultation Tools was inspired by the apparent lack of professionally published Ayurvedic stationary (Ayurvedic consultation forms, factsheets, checklists, procedural synopsis, etc). Among his teachers and mentors, no one seems to have elaborated a series of practical paperwork tools for the practicing educator.

References & Origins

Our Ayurveda consultation forms, clinical stationary and other practical tools are being created using the following sources of information:

  • Textbooks, training manuals and training notes from our teachers and metors*
  • The classical Ayurvedic texts (Charaka, Asthanga Hridayam, Bhavaprakash etc)
  • Alex Duncan's own experience as an educator and clinician (17 years of study, 13 years of teaching and practice)

(*Dr David Frawley, Atreya Smith, Dr Sunil Joshi, Robert Svoboda, Dr Vasant Lad).


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