Ayurveda Consultation Tools (ACT)

Providing Ayurvedic diagnosis & treatment stationary for practitioners worldwide:

  • Procedural checklists & flowcharts
  • Treatment factsheets
  • Patient self-assessments & questionnaires

Created by practitioners for practitioners, ACT is all about going from theory to practice

All those textbooks with their detailed information and guidelines are essential. But what is missing? Clinical practice needs tools. The Ayurvedic physical therapist uses their hands. The Ayurvedic educator (coach, consultant...) uses words and advice. Both of these approaches use conscience, intuition, reason and empathy. By way of supporting the rational aspect of the Ayurvedic consultancy process, we need "stationary tools" that help us move more effectively and freely as we accompany our patients. ACT is a response to this need.

All of our stationary products are sold as Adobe Acrobat PDF files

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